From start to finish, we offer a friendly, well-staffed, warm and inviting atmosphere to serve you.

Your phone call to Carolina TotalCare will be greeted by a friendly voice waiting to assist you and answer any questions you may have in anticipation of providing you excellent service upon your first visit.

At your new patient consultation and evaluation, Dr. Rose will take the time to sit with you and ask you important questions to get to the bottom of your health concern. He will listen intently and direct the necessary exam and diagnostics to help uncover the answers you are looking for.

A thorough exam performed by the doctor will help determine what may be the cause of your condition.

Diagnostic digital X-rays are often performed to visualize your potential root problem and ascertain any risks with treatment.

A comprehensive Report of findings includes your exam results, an explanation of the results of any X-rays taken, and possible treatment options.

Once you understand your condition and options, you will choose your treatment path. If we can’t help you, we will help direct you to the next appropriate specialist or treatment option.

Your chiropractic treatment will be very thorough, gentle and is focused on being highly effective. It may include manual hand on techniques, drop table assisted, instrument assisted or any preferred combination.

Often passive therapies like roller traction, interferrential electrical therapy may be used to assist in your joint and soft tissue healing.

We also utilize trained and licensed therapists to assist with hands on rehab or massage therapy. You will also learn appropriate stretches and home therapy procedures.

Our promise is that by the time you have fully experienced our thorough and professional approach, you will feel that you definitely made the right choice for your healthcare needs.