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In 1996, Drs. Geoff and Deanna Rose evaluated the entire greater Charlotte area looking for an ideal community to start their practice as well as start their family. 21 years later, they have a wonderfully successful multi-specialty practice and 3 amazing boys aged 20, 17 and 13. The Concord area has such a diverse population, but yet maintains that core community feel that allows us to have a family-focused practice in a community that feels like family.

Carolina TotalCare is Based on the Simple Principle of “Excellence”

We wanted a place that exuded excellence from every aspect of the practice. Our location, our facility, our staff and the services that we provide are all driven by this motto. We strive to provide the type of care to each patient that we would extend to our own family members. Because Dr. Geoff Rose, now a chiropractor in Concord NC, was sick for over 18 months of his teenage life, he knows exactly what it’s like to be a patient in search of answers and wanting to be treated with dignity and respect along the way.

The premise of the care that we deliver is that the power that made the body, heals the body. Our integrated team of multi-specialty providers is focused on turning on this potential within each patients body so that it will heal and function more optimally, and at a quicker pace. Most importantly, we then teach you, the patient, how to maintain and preserve optimal health this within your lifestyle.

Comprehensive, Natural Healthcare

We find a high level of success and results with our patients because of how comprehensive and complete our care and treatment is. We especially find that the more informed a patient is and the more of a positive attitude they have, the better their results typically are. Therefore, we aim to inform each patient as much as possible what their findings are, what their treatment options are, and then put them in a position to make the best possible decision for their health outcome. The more involved they are, the more they optimistically own the process of themselves getting better. Further, the better the chance that they will stay better and live a healthier life.

Ultimately, the best thing besides the personal attention each patient will receive at Carolina TotalCare is the unique nature of our practice. Our approach allows us to better determine the full extent of the cause of the problem and to craft a treatment program that is as comprehensive as possible to restore your body’s function. In other words, we can better treat the cause, instead of just the symptoms.

Multiple Services Under One Roof

Our “many different providers under one roof” approach allows us to treat a wide range of health issues. We really try to treat the whole body as an integrated system instead of just by compartment, as much of medicine has seemed to evolve to. We find that the right combination of treatment options from our vast resources of chiropractic, massage therapy, bio-identical hormone therapy, nutrition, and home therapies will usually help you get better results than just a single treatment discipline on its own.

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It may sound cliché, but each and every one of our provider’s goals is to get you better as quickly as possible so that you can better enjoy the things you like to do. Each one of our office staff is excited to be a part of the process. We hope to see you live your life optimally, whether that means swinging a golf club again, picking up your toddler, or making it through your workday pain-free. Call our Concord chiropractic office to get started with chiropractic care today!

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