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They always say that two heads are better than one. Here at Carolina TotalCare, our team works together to provide quality chiropractic care with one goal in mind: “Your Optimal Health!”


At the age of 13, I became sick with an unknown illness that lasted for over 18 months. I had headaches, fever, body aches, swelling, fatigue and saw every specialist we could find…all to no avail. I’m sure my parents were puzzled when someone asked them if they’d tried taking me to a chiropractor! They were told that most people don’t realize that chiropractic helps the body to function more optimally and that pain relief (what most people seek chiropractic for) is just a side effect/benefit. Out of despair, and with nothing to lose, they took me to a chiropractor. He was honest and said, that he didn’t know if he could help, but after his assessment, he felt he could help my body work better. Basically, he said, ‘I’ll do all that I can, and we will see what his body can do from there’. To our astonishment….it worked! In fact, it likely saved my life as I was sent home from a large medical university in California to ‘die at home’ because they didn’t know how to help me. With a personal testimony like this, one can easily see why Dr. Rose is a chiropractor today and why he has such a passion to “give back” and help everyone that he can!


To accomplish his goal of giving back, he began his undergraduate training at the University of California at Santa Barbara. He received his bachelor’s degree in Business Economics with a Pre-Medical minor. From there, he went on to what is still to this day considered the top scholastic and technique based chiropractic college in the nation, Parker University in Dallas, Texas. Their four-year program resulted in a doctoral degree in Chiropractic Medicine and another bachelor’s degree in Anatomy and Physiology. Even more special, it resulted in him meeting his future wife, Dr. Deanna Rose. He is nationally board certified as a chiropractic physician and licensed to practice. He has also many postdoctoral hours studying neurology, pain management, nutrition, and prenatal care. After graduating and getting married in 1996, Drs. Rose picked Concord, North Carolina to settle and start a practice and a family.

Carolina TotalCare Cares

“Because I have sat many a time on the patient’s side of the desk, we set out to create a practice that caters entirely to the patient…as it should be! I understand how important it is to be listened to, to be treated with respect, and most importantly, to have a doctor find out what is wrong and initiate a game plan to fix it. Therefore, we combine all the best treatment options available and we explain all treatment options available to our patients. Then, we try to answer all their questions and let them decide how they want to approach their health from the treatment suggestions we have given them.”

On a personal note…

A healthy lifestyle is paramount to Dr. Rose and his family. “I absolutely practice what I preach by eating well, exercising regularly, and getting routine chiropractic care and massage therapy. We do the same for our 3 boys.” His youngest brother is also a chiropractor and his middle brother is an orthopedic spine specialist residing in Texas. In his spare time, he enjoys all things outdoors, especially having coached his sons’ little league baseball teams. Their boys’ swim meets, soccer games, and numerous musical and arts-based performances keep Dr. Rose quite busy. He and his wife have been members at First Assembly Church of Concord for over 15 years. “Well, enough about me; as I hope you have noticed by now, we are here to be about you. How can we help you to get better or to achieve your health goals?” Give our Concord chiropractic office a call or email us so that we can help you take the best steps forward towards better health!


Dr. Deanna completed her B.S. in Honors Biology, Magna Cum Laude, from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She then graduated from Parker University in Dallas, TX in August of 1996 with her Doctorate of Chiropractic degree, Magna Cum Laude. Parker University was at the top of her list for many reasons- two of which are their impressive academic reputation and outstanding clinical resources. Although planning to earn her degree and head back to her hometown of Brampton, Ontario, Canada it seems that there was another plan for Deanna. She met her future husband, Geoff Rose in her first semester there, became fast friends and they quickly realized that they were meant to be together. They both shared a passion for health and a love for chiropractic, ultimately marrying just 2 weeks after their graduation date! Since graduating, she has attended and received seminar certification both in nutrition and female hormone health. She has come to love the complicated world of hormones and says that ‘hormone patients are the most challenging but also the most rewarding ones’. She continues to treat an array of hormone patients currently and really enjoys treating each patient with their own unique set of symptoms. Dr. Deanna is nationally board-certified and licensed to practice as a chiropractic physician.

Carolina TotalCare Will Lead You Toward a Healthy Lifestyle

Dr. Deanna has a passion for healthy eating and an overall healthy lifestyle. She had experienced some childhood health problems such as severe allergies and digestive issues that always seemed to be linked to the foods she ate and her level of nutrition at the time. It wasn’t until chiropractic school that she made the connection- that what she ate and what nutrition she put into her body not only influenced her body but in many ways dictated her level of health. From that point on, she realized that learning about true nutrition was of utmost importance to her life and her profession as a chiropractor.

From a very early age, Dr. Deanna was always involved in sports. From learning to swim at nine months old, to downhill skiing at the age of four, then competitive gymnastics from the ages of 9-14, life was full of activity and fitness. Once Dr. Deanna became a teenager, swimming and figure skating became the ‘sport’ of choice to keep her in shape and to fulfill her competitive spirit at the time.

She also loved music, particularly piano and flute. In high school, she was honored to have been chosen to play in an orchestra that went on two overseas trips to Europe; she thoroughly enjoyed seeing many different countries and cultures, including Sweden, Russia, Germany, and Switzerland. Currently, Dr. Deanna loves to keep in shape with a balanced routine of walking, jogging, biking, and weights. Dr. Deanna loves to be active and always finds time to squeeze a good workout in. She has spent many hours in post-doctoral education in the areas of nutrition, and female hormone health.

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Dr. Deanna believes that ‘all-encompassing’ health should be a mixture of chiropractic, nutrition, fitness, and hormone health. One alone is not quite enough to achieve full health and longevity; however, all of them within the proper balance is the way to go! Call our Concord chiropractic office to learn more.


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