First Visit

On entering our office, our receptionist will welcome you warmly. We will request that you complete our patient forms which provide us with information about you and your health history. You may also complete this before arriving by printing the documents on the tab for online forms, stopping by our office before your appointment, or we will be happy to mail you your paperwork prior to your first appointment. On the day of your first visit, you will be asked to complete a few additional forms that will tell us specifics about the condition(s) you are currently experiencing. If you have insurance, our staff will begin the insurance verification process upon your arrival.

Next, you will have a consultation with our chiropractic doctor to discuss your health-related problems and treatment options. The initial visit may include a chiropractic examination/consultation, x-rays and/or other testing to help us identify the cause of your problems.

Before leaving the office you will stop by the receptionist to schedule your next visit which will include a report of findings and a meeting with our patient care representative (PCR) to discuss your insurance benefits and office procedures.

Please allow an hour and a half for this first visit.

Second Visit

On your second office visit, you will check in at the reception desk and fill out your daily progress note for the doctor, indicating your present symptoms. The doctor will explain your x-ray results and suggest an initial recommended treatment plan. You may also receive a chiropractic adjustment, passive therapies and/or massage therapy.

After your treatment, you will meet with the PCR to go over the details of the verification of your benefits and your initial treatment plan. At that time you may ask any questions about finances, payment plans, care credit and Chirohealth (a cash network for patients without major medical insurance or chiropractic benefits). The PCR can also answer any questions you have about the day-to-day activities, programs, and procedures.

Upon checking out, you will schedule all the visits in your treatment plan of care. You will also be responsible for any co-pays, deductibles, and coinsurance at the time of service. You will have already discussed this and be aware of your financial obligations prior to checking out.

Follow-Up Visits

Upon checking in at the reception desk, you once again will fill out your daily progress note for the doctor, indicating your present symptoms. You will continue with your treatment plan which may include chiropractic care, soft tissue massage or many of our other treatment options. After each visit, you will proceed to the front reception desk for check-out.

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